New Image Hair Clinic (NIHC) in Pennsylvania begins with a professional assessment of every client’s specific needs, followed by appropriate, affordable treatments to preserve and restore hair. One of the services offered by New Image Hair Clinic is transplant therapy

For candidates whose analysis indicates eligibility, this method can utilize hair from the sides or back of the patient’s own head. These strands are genetically stable, will not fall out, and will continue to grow where transplanted for the balance of the patient’s life. In an effort to create added value, all transplantations are inclusive of follow-up care at no additional cost. 

Among other specific transplant solutions offered by NIHC are Folligraft and Bio-Membrane procedures. Foligraft is utilized primarily for patients with thinning hair, as the strands can be selectively placed. With Bio-Membrane transplantation, individual follicles are implanted into an eighth layer of skin, accomplishing the most advanced replacement therapy available from the clinic.

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