Located in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, New Image Hair Clinic offers 
professional specialists with a wide range of experience in proven, reliable
hair loss treatments for men and women. Our initial consultations start with a
free comprehensive scalp analysis, in which we define hair loss patterns and
search out the primary cause of hair thinning or balding. Hair loss may stem
from many contributing factors, including medical issues, nutritional
deficiencies, and stress. Learning about lifestyle and medical factors gives
insight into possible reasons for hair loss, but does not present conclusive
evidence. A professional hair and scalp analysis presents important evidence
that can define the scope of hair loss and point to possible treatment

Our scalp analysis is completely safe and non-invasive, and
only trained hair loss treatment professionals conduct the procedure.
Microscopic analysis of just a few strands of hair from the scalp reveals
patterns of structural damage and the rate of hair loss and can reveal the
presence of fungus, lice, or genetic issues. Mineral analysis offers another
important set of data points. Levels of magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper,
chromium, mercury, lead, and aluminum give an indication of nutritional
deficiencies and medical conditions that may contribute to hair loss. A mineral
analysis will be performed by an outside source if deemed necessary.

Once New Image Hair Clinic staff have thoroughly analyzed the causes behind a
client’s hair loss, priority shifts to helping the client achieve the most
natural hairline possible through advanced hair restoration technologies. One
treatment solution we offer clients is hair transplantation utilizing
microscopic dissection techniques. This procedure allows us to generate
substantial new hair growth. Taking hairs from the scalp and side of the head
that are genetically predetermined not to fall out, we transplant individual
strands to the part of the head losing hair. New Image has a medical affiliation
by H.R.M.G.  The newly transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally for the
rest of the client’s life. For more information about New Image Hair Clinic
hair-loss solutions visit www.NewImageHairloss.com or call (800)
Located in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, New Image Hair Clinic strives to improve the lives of its community members through its hair restoration services and its charitable commitments. Among the many organizations New Image Hair Clinic supports is the Westmoreland County Food Bank. A private non-profit entity founded in 1982, the food bank serves more than 7,000 families in need every month.

The Westmoreland County Food Bank reaches its community through a number of programs aimed at eradicating hunger. Since its inception, the food bank has sponsored a Summer Food Service program, extending the National School Lunch Program throughout the summer holidays so that hungry children under the age of 18 still have access to breakfast and lunch when they are not in school. Funded by the State Department of Agriculture, the food bank's Commodity Supplemental Food program provides seniors ages 60 and up with monthly food boxes. The Operation Fresh Express program distributes perishable foods to people in need before they reach their expiration dates.

Working through 80 different member agencies, with 47 being food pantries frequented by low-income consumers, the Westmoreland County Food Bank reaches 15,000 Westmoreland County residents every month, including over 2,000 seniors and 4,000 children. Recently, the non-profit reorganized and expanded its operations. A number of organizations, including the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce, recognized its efforts and achievements.