New Image Hair Clinic, with locations in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, strives to help clients dealing with thinning hair and hair loss. The services offered by New Image Hair Clinic include laser therapy, hair transplants, and non-surgical solutions. 

Although hair loss may be more common in men, many women experience hair loss, as well. Women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair may suffer from low self-esteem and struggle to understand why the problem is occurring. Telogen effluvium is sometimes the answer they are trying to find, and women experience the condition for a variety of reasons. It commonly occurs after pregnancy, for example. Other causes include extreme stress and certain types of medications. The hair loss associated with telogen effluvium typically occurs between six weeks and three months after a triggering event.

Telogen effluvium occurs when a higher than normal number of hair follicles enter the dormant stage of growth at the same time. Many doctors recommend waiting out the hair loss, which should eventually slow unless the trigger, such as stress, remains constant. If you believe medication is the reason for your hair loss, discuss the issue with your doctor. It is not the only cause of hair loss in women, but telogen effluvium is particularly common.
New Image Hair Clinic is affiliated medically with MTHC and offers a full range of noninvasive and nonmedical solutions for women who experience hair loss. Unlike men, women do not face the prospect of a receding hairline and they rarely go bald. Rather, women’s hair loss begins with thinning throughout the scalp and particularly in the crown region. The tendency of many women to have longer hair than men also makes it difficult to identify hair loss at the beginning stages, because hair frequently comes out during brushing. 

Because the problem often is subtle and hard to identify, women should be aware of increased amounts of hair appearing on the brush as a sign that early-stage hair loss may be occurring. With options increasingly limited as hair loss progresses, it makes sense to seek hair replacement advice from an experienced professional as soon as early-stage hair loss is suspected. New Image Hair Clinic offers a variety of advanced solutions customized to the particular needs of women, including the Folistrand treatment that uses strands of the client’s own hair in restoring the hairline.