What is New Image Hair Clinic?

Since 1981, New Image Hair Clinic has specialized in hair restoration treatments for those suffering from issues such as male and female pattern baldness, thinning hair, and medical conditions. Maintaining a compassionate staff of hair-loss experts, New Image Hair Clinic is led by A. Frank Petrosky, who possesses more than four decades of extensive experience.

What Does the Clinic Offer?

New Image Hair Clinic offers both surgical and nonsurgical solutions for hair loss. Hair transplants and laser therapy offer the most natural-looking and permanent results. Non-invasive treatments for men include Veralex, corrective hair implants, Folligraft, and Bio-Membrane. New Image Hair Clinic also offers specialized hair treatments for women, including Folistrand, the Graduated Enhancement Method (GEM), Hair Replenishment Therapy (HRT), Invisistrand and Extensions, and Methode Trapeze.

How Do I Know What Treatment Is Right For Me?

Clients work directly with New Image Hair Solutions’ staff of experts to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to help each client’s unique needs. Each client begins with a free hair and scalp analysis, which can identify the reasons for why someone may be experiencing hair loss.

For more information about New Image Hair Clinic and to sign up for a free hair and scalp analysis, visit NewImageHairClinic.com.
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