The hair restoration professionals at New Image Hair Clinic understand that the experience of losing one's hair can inspire a range of reactions from resignation to bewilderment, depending on the circumstances. Many people do not realize just how many different things can cause hair loss, either temporary or persistent. Fortunately, they can be broken down into a few general categories.

The most widespread and common type of hair loss is known as pattern baldness. Contrary to popular opinion, pattern baldness can affect both women and men, though it is seen more commonly in men. The causes of pattern baldness are both genetic and hormonal: people who are genetically vulnerable can suffer a reaction to certain sex hormones that causes their hair to thin or stop growing. Hormonal changes can also cause temporary hair loss in people who are not susceptible to pattern baldness. Common causes include childbirth and menopause.

There are a number of specific medical conditions that cause hair loss. Some of the better-known culprits include alopecia areata, an immune system disorder, scalp infections, including ringworm, and various skin disorders that can cause scarring, which prevents hair from growing. Various medications for serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease may have a side effect of causing hair loss.

Temporary hair loss can follow a severe emotional shock, such as the death of a loved one. This type of hair loss usually occurs some months after the shock. Other temporary causes of hair loss include mental disorders that compel the sufferer to pull his or her hair out, there are even certain types of hair styles that can pull the hair tight and cause pulling, or “traction” loss.

By being aware of the many root causes and types of hair loss, it is easier to understand the options available for combating it.
At the New Image Hair Clinic in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, clients receive procedures that assist them in their struggle with premature baldness and other types of hair loss. While there are several methods of hair replacement therapy, one of the most popular treatments is the laser hair procedure. Designed as a beneficial treatment for men and women who are in the beginning stages of the hair loss process, laser hair care helps fight thinning hair. Through the use of laser machines and laser combs, the professionals at the New Image Hair Clinic provide clients with a treatment that combats hair loss and decreases the chance of future issues.

While it is important to meet with a certified specialist who can give advice on what hair replacement procedure is the best fit for an individual, laser hair therapies have a high success rate for qualified candidates. A 25-year old practice that started in Europe, laser hair treatments involve the use of low-level laser energy. This energy targets cell function in the scalp and stimulates hair follicles so that they may produce more hair. Some clients may require repeat visits over a period of months to receive a complete treatment of the entire head. The success of laser hair therapy is highly reliant on the predisposition of the patient’s genetics, level of hair loss, and several other personal factors.

New Image Hair Clinic has provided numerous procedures for clients struggling with all stages of hair loss. The use of laser hair treatments in this clinic has been shown to prevent extraneous loss of hair, improve the conditions of the scalp, and repair the hair shaft. For more information about laser hair treatments or about the clinic itself, visit the New Image Hair Clinic website at
What is New Image Hair Clinic?

Since 1981, New Image Hair Clinic has specialized in hair restoration treatments for those suffering from issues such as male and female pattern baldness, thinning hair, and medical conditions. Maintaining a compassionate staff of hair-loss experts, New Image Hair Clinic is led by A. Frank Petrosky, who possesses more than four decades of extensive experience.

What Does the Clinic Offer?

New Image Hair Clinic offers both surgical and nonsurgical solutions for hair loss. Hair transplants and laser therapy offer the most natural-looking and permanent results. Non-invasive treatments for men include Veralex, corrective hair implants, Folligraft, and Bio-Membrane. New Image Hair Clinic also offers specialized hair treatments for women, including Folistrand, the Graduated Enhancement Method (GEM), Hair Replenishment Therapy (HRT), Invisistrand and Extensions, and Methode Trapeze.

How Do I Know What Treatment Is Right For Me?

Clients work directly with New Image Hair Solutions’ staff of experts to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to help each client’s unique needs. Each client begins with a free hair and scalp analysis, which can identify the reasons for why someone may be experiencing hair loss.

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